Who are they gonna hurt?

Since a democracy just moderates the tendencies of the mob or the tendencies of the hands that whip the mob it is necessary to coddle it in order to alleviate the grand power struggles that would ensue in the efforts to take its place.

The tentative bridge too far for the seekers of wisdom and truth, hegemony and silver bells, that of power balance and the lack of the general means to quell all resistance points towards keeping the framework of the sanctity of the people and moving towards playing in games where the framework that protects them and all within are just a sideshow, an appendage, a mocking bird in the games of happy influence and freedom from personal restraint.

The laws that matter are the laws that touch.  The tough bastards go to places where they can’t be touched and they use the losers all that they find here, there and everywhere.

Survival is tantamount for those in the snow orb of us.  Let the architects of parity and public good go about their business and play out the string with the least amount of personal pain.  Let them be good actors seeking the common good.  Who are they gonna hurt?

Who are they gonna hurt?

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