When does the new tipping point arrive

Once upon a time when the moon was true and the stars were points of light pointing to the ways of enlightenment there were human being known to be sophisticates and others known to honor discrimination in thought, rigorousness in debate, knowledge in life and intellectual competence as a way to wards respect, honor, legitimacy and acceptance.

Once upon a time there were no aspirations to be dumber than dead air or more mundane than a droll parasitic oaf. Folks with wisdom had something desirable.  Those without it scared away the devils who liked challenge and gave us instead the devils who would bore the world to tears and acceptance of the rule of syphilitic minds and gimpy beasts of the forests of lye.

Dreams are made of once upon a time and now are haunted by the empty visions of the absence of breathable air.

When does the new tipping point arrive?

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