The new normal. We have come oh so far

Have a job?  The luck of the lord is with you.  Need a job?  May your ship come in.

It is the new normal.  Be thankful for what you got.  Be hopeful for what you may receive.  Be happy to be a wage slave rather than an attenuated bum who is a drag on the public trough.  Have stature.  Have self respect.  Be happy that master is there to allow you to till the soil and rake the leaves.  You can live in a rat hole rather than smolder on the street.  Unions just ruin the master…. take away his ability to make wages a barely necessary ingredient to profit….let the worker get fat … raid the place in the name of efficiency and let the workers earnings and pensions and needs pay the bill …. efficiency with a smile …. I wish I could do that.

People are begging for work….. Give it to them and let them love you.  You have the ace in the hole … Smile and cherish your power … Power is to be maximized …. giving anything over minimum necessities for business survival is and act of largess.

Work for the honor of it … The new normal…. Know it to be the song of the times.  We have come oh so far.

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