The more perfect union

Sometimes it is not the atrophied soul that calls a canned bit of business an waste of time….. a feat worth a negative pop as it goes contrary to the rules of the game…… if one cannot use canned pablum in a talk, a debate, a miserable piece of the public’s business then all of the obnoxious electioneering fops would have to get paid for doing something useful rather than just establishing power grabs and power plays for useless bits of slanted drivel.

As legislation is the holy grail of the power play and negotiations are the means to demand capitulation and retreat, political talk, debate, clamor feeds the mouths of those who fill the power vacuums left to the populous by the pretense of having learned men and women vie for the more perfect union.

Union is a anathema as it implies some sort of integrated whole.  That is the evil of the world.

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