In or out of velvet gloves

Rich. poor.  Obnoxiously self righteous. Unapologetic or rancidly dismissive.  Whiners and piners and left eyed diners.  The creeps, the trees, the fungi in the mulch …… all of god’ children under the midnight sun are in the Hobbesian desert with limited resource and unmitigated hate.

The haves that have have the wants they want.  The have nots that have not have the needs they need …… crass conflict is there for the waiting and crass conflict is there to be dealt with with the iron fist and the orchestrated ear.

Imposed, implicitly agreed upon, gotten from heaven, demigods, the cream of mankind, the social contract brilliantly lets the happy and worthy haves have … lets the unhappy and worthy have nots have not, lets the unhappy and worthy have nots  seek their maker or other good things.  Good lives and lands and all manor ponds of scum leave little steam vents of hope for or or resentment regulate the pressure.

Wealth corrupts.  Influence, power corrupts, is corrupting.  Finding ways to game the natural order of things is what flacks and bullies and handy dandy culture warriors and power vacuum players and loud mouth bought and sold, or made in defective sweat shop politicos do for us all.  They are nature lubricants … the glue that never goes bad, that ever gums up the works.

Take access to power away from enough scum and there’d better be a bunch of iron fists in or out of velvet gloves.

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