A sin and a shame


Ahhh… the bias of the bias class …. the talkers, the gawkers, the wheedlers, the criers, the poor babies, and the arrogant elites …. Ahhh, the simple perversions of heads gone a muck, hearts gone astray, sensibilities decrepit and corrupt, languorous and against the true benefactors of dollar and culture and intellectual advancement and  creative outlets for thought.

Ahhh … the dangers of the free range to the free mind … is there no end to the nonsense of the intellectual hobby horses and skittish lovers of sound and fury.

Ahhh … the bias towards the well thought out tale with the rigorously examined skepticism and the immature bias towards the comforting of the afflicted and the afflicting of the comfortable….. the world always celebrates its carousal of fun house propositions and inane association.  The bias of the meager is a sin and a shame.

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