Fight over that

The grand bargain.  The grand choice.  The grand serve.  Serve the government of your choice.  Have government of their choice serve you.  Be a voided out dependent slob.  Be a nullified in dependable sop.  Be god like and rugged.  Be a wised assed beggar on the street of dreams.  Be the cock of the walk.  Be the cuckold of time.  Be in an amorphous fog as a cog in the great societal whole … have no soul … no role … no deity …. no get up and gone.  No identity of record.

Balance.   Balance.  There ain’t no stinkin’ balance.  Who needs some stinkin’ balance?  The grand old balance of singular and multiple …. the soul and the whole … the  commonality and the  difference.

The terse choice this real choice, this salsa choice, this fairy tale blue and magenta choice.  The verse of choice this saucy vision, this fiery hue of reality and night vision.  The ends work well with the coercion of middle … the muddle …. the stripping away of the interplays of daily living ….. the inadvertent end to happy inertia.

We owe ourselves our majesty.  To others theirs we owe glimpses of our majesty.  Fight over that.

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