Jump jester. Jump.

Flacks flack.  They are adults who believe in their hearts that being obnoxious small and simple minded jack faces and screwdrivers is being the height of maturity and that serving themselves the best uses of freedom of expression and real appreciation of the sickening is our antidote to all non a – hole behavior that we were able to garnish back when we were young and telling ourselves our lies of heroic convenience.  We stood for something other than swamps and dung.

Flacks feed their children, woo their spouses, stand out as models of decorum and pictures of mature, hard nosed, thoughtful, no BS adults.

Flacks are our court jesters to our toady string pullers .. They can serve no other masters other than those who seek the swamps of public opinion to be filled with the sweet gasses of the ever toxic.

Jump jester. Jump.

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