The passion

The future belongs to the deft, the sure. the principled, the fine wine of fine swine leaking pathways to their own destruction as they overextend their plays and show themselves up for the moribund tinkers and thinkers and panderers and standard bearers that they are and mean to be.

The future belongs to the vague , the premature, the inspired, the loud, the insurgent, the intolerant, the symbols of pure thought and hearty need, the cravers for recognition and the damning of the worlds of the godless .

The future belongs to those of the kill shots, the spears to the heart, the rising tides of channeled aggression, the lack of sustainability in a chalenged world view.

The tough who know tough, the hard who know hard, the flexible who know how to sustain challenge, position, vulnerability, attack.

The future belongs to those who leave back doors from which to be conquered.  They always leave back doors.  The good always win.

Purpose and drive.  The world for a passion.

The future.

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