The answer is two

Smart as a whip…… all us good folks are smart as a whip and twice as fooled. The voter….. smart as a whip.

Get played by geniuses who can’t follow logical arguments based on rational premises and wonder slightly whether or not they are dumb enough to actually be that dumb or whether you are dumb enough to actually be that dumb.

Bless us all with the  powers of the elected and the pickers, the movers, the shakers, the makers, the breakers, the breeders, the scum.

Pick a number …. multiply by two….. add four ….divide by two  …. subtract the number you started with …. the answer is two.

Pick a position ….. multiply by the factor of cynicism  ….. add the number of ratcheted up dismal pieces of analysis ….. divide by the vectors of appeals to gut busting farce …… subtract any position taken …… all answers are void …… that which  is left with when the math and logic of all mild eyed fire breathers and saints of stupidity look to find a decent hat to hang their thoughts upon.

Logic of argument and debate is a strong and wonderful thing. Logic of argument and debate does proud the participants in substance and wish.  Logic of argument and debate is a fanciful thing not to be taken over by the aggressive and the strong and the mean and the godly who find no problems problematical and no light too dim when framed in real terms and approached with rigorous effort ….. The answers are always in the vig, the vigorish … the take taken out of all issue as tribute for ownerships of the names, the frames, the games, the talks, the walks, the approaches to fundamental truth.  Only suckers debate in real terms

Pick a number.  Move seamlessly.  Pretend a little harder that the game is really really for real.  Its work but it comes easy.

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