Same money …. just who are the favored thieves.

Steal the vote.  Steal the money.  Steal what ain’t nailed down and steal what is rightfully the percentage off of the top for the crooks and licensees.

Steel what you can when you can.  The public lives to give it away.  The public looks to pay the players their due just for keeping war from breaking out in the streets and for selling the idea that all power brokers are not quite corrupt enough to cause any great alarm or to cause any great interruption of the pardonably acceptable lives led by all pardonably acceptable brain sopped citizens.   Takers take.  Breakers break.  Voiders void.  Killers kill.

The money and the weaknesses in all good members of society are there to be taken.  Some with friends in high places want to funnel the money or deprivations  through the filters of government before its gets stolen or or wasted.  Other just wish to let their buddies have at it one way or the other.

Same money …. just who are the favored thieves.

More slime from the trenches.  The fairy stories about the independence of the good, staunch, easily played voter.

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