Power seekers play well with their own. They either take more or less.

You can trust them to look after your right to vote.

You can trust them to give a damn if you have no money.

You can trust them to protect you from the swine who can get you where they want and do with you as they please.

You can trust them to key on the phantom important issues accepted as real and not get caught up in trivia or passion plays.

You can trust the inebriates in public life to deny a drink of water or cover you in sap.

You can trust the smart with dough to screw you where they can.  You can trust the smart with compassion to wrap itself in the flag and squeeze you empty.

You can trust all power beings, hacks, speakers, wrecks to play you seven ways from Sunday and to have their own backs in all good transactions of faith.

You can trust them all to get it in bed with you or to throw out the bed.

You can trust them all to bring into their oh so leveraged world views and  thought processes a wee dollop of power to oppose those who screw with it play with it, use it you hurt you when there is no cost to pay.

Power seekers play well with their own.  They either take more or less.

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