Starve the beast. Take the bitter pill. The walls are coming down.

Lets all celebrate the rational coming public discourse.

Lets all celebrate the winds at our backs and the sun in our faces as we go forth upon the lands of discuss and debate and solve and stand tall.

Lets all celebrate the truths to be told, the hypocrisies to be set aside, the demonizing to be run from, the arguments based upon sound premise and a firm grasp of the tough and the real to come.

Lets all celebrate sound footing and the rush to spread the power around to all deserving types who have no business in the game.

Lets all celebrate the power for the enlightened leveraging disaster for gain and gaining from leveraged narratives and specious looks at the world.

A great grab bag of private or bureaucratic scum and thumb suckers has your back in a crunch. …. They lie only for the betterment of the  American people. They love the American slug?

Love false parades and slick positions.  One always wants the money.  One always wants the power.  Someone else always has to do and pay for all things necessary and proper for a civilized society to function.  Someone good always wants to be the arbitrar of right and functional and good and leave my tribute on the table.

When things get rough be draconian or be draconian.  Charity is for the rich.  Poverty is for the weak.  Suffering needs be done by enemies.  Winning by friends.  Starve the beast.  Take the bitter pill.  The walls are coming down.

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