Dumb is the currency of intercourse. Respect and fear it.

They are allowed to be idiots because there is power in idiocy … power in ignorance … power in hate …. power in raw knee jerk aggression and raw smack down intimidation.

The joy and power of the mob is a needful thing, a wonderful thing and the harnessing of the power of the mob is the harnessing of the powers of the ignorant, the fearful, the intimate bullies, the aggressive martyrs, the lining up of the devils to be lynched on the spot.

The mobs is a rosy thing which saves limited abilities of discipline, cool, temperate behavior, doing right for the fairy tale of the weak dreamers..

Our world is made for the knowing slobberers who speak lamely and carry a pick axe.  We envy their elan.  We envy their bearing.  We envy their way with persuasion.

Dumb is the currency of intercourse.  Respect and fear it.

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