Get wise

The hypocrisy of hypocrisy.

Its because they want to save the village that they want to burn the village.

Its because they want to save the country that they want to burn the country …. leave the dead carcasses of enemies strewn in the streets … their spoils to be garnished by the brave true hearts of the winners out to take the country back from the visible forces of evil and hatred who are everywhere … everywhere … everywhere.

The magic horsemen, descendants holy of Paul Revere, cry and cry and tear and cry ….. the devils are amongst us … they are a threat to all civilized and free we hold dear ….. the freedom for you to be me …. the best freedom of all … always and forever.

Punk the culture …. slime the culture ….. keep the culture in the happy muck that favors those who can play the strains of the happy muck and move in and pay the warriors …. happy muck needs muck clearers …. the ones who can provide the muscle and guts to clear the paths to benign controls and rigged games.

Lets thrive in our civilized democratic republic where respect for the minority is the true treason and the duty of the holy endowed is to exorcise the devils of their natures … their traitorish, vile natures.

We have now our true heaven on earth as the angels and devils know well and for sure …… heaven on earth is eternal war conflict.

Get wise.

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