Never Again

Free speech.  Free money.  Free manipulation of the poor over burdened political system and the poor under burdened voter.

Who spends what for what?  Who is the champion of money talking ….. the rest walking?  Ply the cracks in the system nine ways from Sunday…… power goes to those who hold the reins on the mechanisms and structures of government, power, politics, control of movement, resource, wealth, intimidation, muscle.

What balance want we , the sainted folk and people?  What balance want we the desperate swimmers against the tide?  Do we want owners who are high handed and sniveling or do we want owners who work in silence and cut throats in the still of the night?

Do we want owners who mandate our existence or do we want owners who pen us in, violate our beings, and leave us nowhere to go?

What skews the power towards the powerful?  In these United States that used to be an important question?  Never Again.

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