No one laughs at dumb with any authority

They get away with being idiots and lame folk because they have so successfully lowered the bar for the judgement of acceptable behavior that boorish and aggressive is the new standard for respected achievement and thoughtful and critical is the mark of a traitor or a weak sniveling fool.

Fists and knives and whips and brass knuckles with dim witted trash talk and abundant hubris make the game, game the game, play the players, intimidate the watchers.  Dumb outsells smart.  Dumb outranks smart.  Dumb is precious and dumb is king.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

In these our grand US of A dumb as they come is the color of the flag …. it wave for true patriots all.  No one laughs at dumb with any authority.

Color me scared.

Color me lost.

Color me rigid.

Color me boss.

Color me sightless.

Color me true.

Color me the best ever version of you.

We love our fools and breakers.

We love our empty thoughts.

That’s rugged individualism.

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