I don’t trust the bad guys either.  I still wouldn’t want to feel at the mercy of a government grown too big and too powerful to confront.  I like to feel that I am the master of my fate and that I can protect myself and my family if need be.  Guns are a tool, a passion, a sport a symbol of self sufficiency.  There is no need to demonize guns.

Guns do kill people.  Point one at someone, pull the trigger, hit them in the right spot … they die.  The eternal tradeoff.  My sanctity as an individual vs the sanctity of crazy and bad and reckless individuals to render great harm.

There are dangers that go with the proliferation of weapons.  There are infringements that go with the meddling of my rights to feel protected and whole.  There is the eternal balance between the rights of the individual and the rights of a society.

Gun haters disrespect the honor of those who champion firearms.

Gun lovers disrespect the legitimate fears of those at the mercy of swift death.

With disrespect comes fear of total encroachment upon deeply held positions.  With disrespect comes the desire to see those lined up opposite as wishing nowhere to stop.  The extreme positions rule the battles, the thoughts, the power plays, the tempers.  Screw you you commie bastard.  Screw you you fascist Hun.

What is a rational gun policy?  What respect do the advocates of the opposing positions give to the concerns of others.  Not there that in any discussions … just the bluster.  Have the advocates address the concerns and fears of their opposites.  Have them be tough enough to set up a human mandate.  Let them help solve the problems of quick death and mean intimidation … the problems of my rights to stave that off.

Pigs Fly.

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