Ain’t nobody in America who can’t get played.


No damned rugged individualist can function in today’ political atmospheres, world, haven.

The damned tough guy, the smart guy, the cold tempered steel guy …. they all would stand tall and smart in the give and take of the street corner, the boxing gym. the put downs of the elite elite.  These strong noted folk who are those who see through terror and fog, intimidation and lust, hate and hate… These strong noted folk who are those who know pitched nonsense when it is pitched… know the slicker and the bouncer when they slick and bounce.  These strong noted folk are those who are cold dead walls that offer no bounce to the ideas of the lame and the halt.

Angels of mercy don’t get played …. don’t get swayed … don’t get bought and sold.  Angels of mercy are not the targets of the noxious advertisements of scorn and more, are not the target of the insipid little screamers and bleaters who are dumber than they look and sound if necessary and proper.  These angels of mercy are the fair minded sheriffs of old who know the nonsense of the outlaws and the children.

Too damned bad … yep and sorry to say these tough angels don’t happen….don’t exist …. are not part of the American fabric …. tis all a myth.

Ain’t nobody in America who can’t get played.

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