Diminished expectations and loudmouths who know better

Take two or three manipulating, system raping, over powerful jerks who mandate corporate or personal entitlements and special deals, favors, tricks, flicks and all out handouts and robberies and you have the sum total of all of the poor unfortunate wretches who game the system for their great tracks of profit that leaves them still living in places most good people wouldn’t go near.

The damned scummy wretches are easy targets as they inspire real life fear and disgust when one envisions their rotten animalistic selves ….. their extreme baring as eternal poster children for the flat, fat, happy, comfortable and enfranchised.

Low, powerless, and poor are the fine low hanging fruit  …. the flashy pictures to conjure up and intimidate those who envision the world as a better place ….. pick yourself up by your bootstraps and be the wage slave or the lackie or the todie of the loving boss who knows that he has you in his hip pocket …. travel forward on the roads to success that bear the footsteps of all those in inglorious retreat.  Achieve miracles or suffer …… the rugged individualism of them that got or think they got … or think they got a place to go when they don’t got …… the poor are a mob and the mob is danger…..danger is bad.

Only the good survive.  Onward and upward in the mobility of the system.  Trust in those who see labor as the barely necessary evil.  They don’t get rich over paying the help…… Give me the good world of diminished expectations and loudmouths who know better.

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