The biggest lout in the louthouse

When the devils and the divas and the diplomats and the dense offer their power plays and sophistry and inflated self importance to the public as proof of the wonderfulness of themselves and the strengths of their characters they do so smartly and knowingly and deadingly being only too fully aware that there is no segment of the American public not dumb enough, not belligerent enough, not grasping enough, nor contentious enough to not have their backs or their rides or to not look always for an excuse to pull out the hardware and go to war.

With true American gusto and brave American spirit the bellowing flags of honor bearing wind to any and all who have the will and the muscle to antagonize, break, bemoan and nullify signify the constant power of real and false rage and the constant power of wishing to be the biggest lout in the louthouse.

All of the joys of moral relativism and all of the precepts stating that ignorance is of equal standing with awareness raise the cups of cheer to the rules of engagement.  There is no shame, no deafness, no inadequacy, no full blown cretin great enough that there be no honor for the stupid and the stupider.  No one of worth takes the high ground.

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