Otherwise be glad to be alive

If you suffer poverty or misfortune … if you are too damned ill to survive and then not be a slave to debt … if you are too damned lazy, dumb or stupid to not have the tools to get work in an economy that rewards luck, diminished expectations, begging for padrones, being thankful that the world is allowing you to survive then you are ripe for denigration and certainly not the rugged individual who take misfortune stoically and has the good grace to go away and starve and live off of garbage and / or wild roots and dead bugs.

If you are not a winner in a land of winners, a survivor in the land of survivors …. if you have no past, no future, no way to broken dream heaven then you do not worship at the alter of belief in the motivations of those who have and get and ask for more.

Success breeds rewards, breeds respect, breeds responsibility. breeds those who can navigate the dangers of the modern world of triumph and challenge, lack of means, resource, food. wealth.

The winners must win for there to be a world at all.  They know that and that is why they must protect their aims and gains. … otherwise the whole ship goes down…. questioning motives and methods and acceptance into the club is only a game for the lazy who wish to steal that which is not theirs.  Trust always in those who own the store.  They will trust you back to have their backs ….. a pittance is a good gift when there is nothing …. and the real natural order of things can rightly survive.

Equanimity comes only when it is forced by an embarrassment of riches…. otherwise be glad to be alive.

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