America is always about muscle and guts

In the golden days of American politics the scripts were made for crooks, machines, thugs, pleaders and teasers.  The great bosses and magnificent machines … the great wholly owned states and cities of song and story all captured graciously the grand frontier spirit of rugged individualism and social darwinism.  The means of muscle and mischief, control of life and limb … these were the great American values bought and paid for by the keeping of the modicum of civil unrest at bay.  Old fashioned stomping for the making.  Old fashioned power for the taking.  Worth the price of admission.

The club and the bat …. the thought police with soft persuasion … the virtuous America offering ways to nobility for creatures of all stripes and hues … a democratic way to gain influence and muscle ….. we love all of the seminal crooks and thugs of now and yore … midnight robin hoods beating the hell out of an unfortunate neighbor.

We don’t have yet today the colorful killers of yore and gore.  We don’t have the smash and grab and break and own rulers of the hey day of American virtue.  We have only the dim ideologues and vacuous pawns of grey folk who wish to drink well from the cups of public folly.  Its the sleight of hand and the shell game and the misdirection and the raw meat to the hungry…. simple tricks that put off the harsh stuff for those that call out the play…. its still easy to ruin anyone.

America is always about muscle and guts.

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