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We love the warriors of other means

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Some sincere drones of public presence, awareness and political bent are made for street fighting ….. some are not.  Some are made for thuggery.  Some are made for naked intimidation.  Some are made for wilting sneers and legal bomb throwing.  Some are made for spit balls and crying tantrums.  Some are made for  for wretched, full throttle character and ad hominum assassination.  Many are just mean in the world where mean works as magic and the essence of the much wished for junk yard dog makes hearts sing.

Mean rips the heart out.  Mean demeans the soul.  Mean sides with the admired bullies and sainted hoods and allows for the accommodations to fear and intimidation that work so well in public space.  Those who can attack from behind with stealth and malice are the heroes we adore.

The measured man is the stationery target and the enthralling villain is the poster child for public praise and accomplishment.  If physical force can not yet be sanctioned in open combat then we love the warriors of other means.

Politics ain’t beanbag and today we have advanced much as a society.

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