This is the way of good politics

All of us good government and anti banality types who are enthralled with the ideals of the now extinct civics class and the moldy patriotic spiels of the many glorified mouthers and political dumping bags that send us oral flowers and rank bouquets are the weak sisters and flighty petulant drones of the unreal universes of the dreamers and the makers of hearts and flowers and rainbows and moonbeams.

The sun never sets upon the dismal chestnuts of our simpering minds as we contemplate a civilization that is civilized or a speaker that is earnest and true and staunch and good.  We are always the believers in the big convenient truths of our hearts and the big convenient lies of those who wish to buy us off without the expense of armed conflict or dirty hands.

The joys of the ignorance of those who accept the normalcy of general virtue are great and good …. we can be the easy marks of the players while convincing ourselves that we are no such thing.  The flights, after all are about serving the national ideal and creating a more better and just world.

There is not a  seeking of sins to quench, devils to love, aristocrats to admire.  There are no terrors to play, no insipid cows to milk for the nourishment of propped up supports.  No tribes of wayward marauding warriors.  In times of plenty and in times of stress there are always the wise ones who seek to comfort the vulnerabilities of rest…. with velvet or velvet fist.  In the glories of our time it is the quiet assassins and manglers who flay the day.  The power is in the push and the kill.  The kill is the thing.   The kill is the whip.  The whip is the fun.  To crack the whip is to be stimulated beyond pleasure.

This is the way of good politics.

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