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Those in the image of their favorite sins are better

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I want power so that I can improve the lot of my fellow citizens by making sure that they are free from the anguish of uncertainty about values and such and free from the anguish of uncertainty about the levers of force and the trajectories of false hopes …. there ain’t no Santa Claus.  The world  is not a middle class haven.

The dead saints of sainted politicos martyred themselves so that the ways to power were clean and trustworthy and there for the strong who would know what to do with it.  To make the world the structured place to allow for the those with muscle to be sublime,  to allow that those without muscle ever remain that way …. the moral failings of their being calls for them to be the spat upon depraved that they are.  Those in the image of their god are good.  Those in the image of their favorite sins are better.

My way forward is strewn with roses and blighted with those who know too much.  Foe that power is a good elixir.

Do good by being good.  Front men know.

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