The questioning mind is a relic of a rancid past

The point of learning is to stand up to vitriolic tests and to become indoctrinated into the general malaise of hidden and unhidden idiocies.

Its the curriculum stupid.

Control the schools  … control the curriculum.  Teaching with a bias towards arts, critical thought, science, intellectual history?  This is not the teaching of the red blooded?

Its the curriculum stupid.

Those who feel the inquiring mind might wander into strange places ….. no good warrants for those who fund proper socialization and the sellers of simplicity and dullness?

Its the curriculum stupid.

Those with the dreams and aspirations of difficult individuals are the curse of those who do not see education as the sport for getting minds right and innards firm.

Its the curriculum stupid.

Its the wholesomeness stupid.

Its the lack of the well rounded that serves as the backbone of America, stupid.  Teaching is for failures.  Learning is for sissies.  The questioning mind is a relic of a rancid past.

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