The enemy of your enemy is your friend who wishes to use you as fodder as well. Let him.

Since there is nothing what so ever to like or love about the charmed lies and the false fronts of the specious gawkers and talkers who wish to define that which is at stake in our politics when they all know so well that it has become nothing more than a fight to the finish, a steel caged match for opposing groups of monolithic preeners and gaping power grabbers who wish to love the idea of absolute absolution and absolute abolishment of the absolute worthless dipsos so defined as the creatures who would steel their rights to own ……  since there is nothing what so ever to like or love about these pieces of pestilence that pretend to be of true heart and good purpose … then, in that case and for truth and posterity, it is incumbent upon the mild mannered, scared and ignorant sweet and honored observers to honor these eternal patrons of our daily existence by living and loving the hates the hate …. living and hating the hates they love.

There is no gamed gamed better then our little game of thorns and thrones.  There is no power able to crack the game of our little game of thorns and thrones save for happy little powers able to garnish a way in … a way out …. a way to exist.

Alternate realities, fog machine, the eternal tricks of pushing through the belief in paths that follow hidden signs that say that you can’t get there from here, torn down signs hidden behind breath taking scenery and majestic hues.

Honor the ones selling their passions and souls to create the misty mists and velvet fogs that hide the paths to power that they so covet and sicken for.

Honor unto whichever tin pot little Caesar you wish.  Embrace their fates, their hates, their built up little profiles, their sainthoods, their wonderfulnesses, their way into your gut.  The enemy of your enemy is your friend who wishes to use you as fodder as well.  Let him.

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