Paupers and kings and things that play thump in the night

A conundrum for the fool.  Economic divide, recession, hardships for those who deserve their poverty and lack of spunk?

Ahh, the richest per capita nation in history …. the envy of all time, all places, all hopes, all dreams …,. the chart breaker mustily compared with the rest of the poor poor impoverished world.

The mega whiners and the apologists for the poor poor who have roofs over their heads are laughable when there are vast quantities of unfortunate vermin in the world who have not that ……. This the right, newly established  sample of comparison …. the the right, newly established sample of comparison that the newly enlightened throw out remind us just how well off we are.

Income stagnation, inequality, power imbalance ….. the medieval wretched are our cousins, our barometer  …. quit crying …. to the lucid go the spoils …. the joys of passing wealth …. the trappings of mammon …. those who got it….got it.  Wealth is for status, pecking orderl …. the idiot naive say different.

There is that natural order of things, after all, and lack of usable wealth defines the norm ….  and the norm is a brutish system of class and threat ….  solace in other worldliness.  It is foolish to fight the tides of history.

The relative wealth that this heathen country has endured is not a springboard into the future but just another an anomaly of time.  It is time to go back to the world as it should be.  Paupers and kings and things that play thump in the night.

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