Dominance Games / Politics: The immunity of the strong

Dominance Games / Politics

It must be because evil communists and therefor like minded socialists were our latest and greatest eternal and existential foe or because the fascists and statists were just those funny little killers and murderers and fiends who were rancid monsters in the glory days of pre history but any and all upon the left side of the political spectrum can be demonized and censured and hated and scorned and be put on the righteous defensive by any and all allusions to the grand devils of Stalinland while the holy right side of the spectrum can never be linked to the extreme natures of their beings … the eternal monstrous fascists impulses and states of grand self serving grace.

Allusions to the extremes work well for all base alluders and rank fear mongers but the allusions to any poor righteous bastards who are in over their heads and conscience  are passed over as unworkable, untoward, and measly and mealy mouthed.

No primal latent streak of accommodating warmth for the efficiencies of the good dictator or efficient fascist state could ever prevents traction from being gotten by foolish comparison or observation.  High umbrage,  crying self righteousness and victimhood comes tearfully from those labeled so.  … they have the immunity of the strong while their opposites have the weaknesses of the weak.

Rank bastards are rank bastards no matter the stripe or color….. no matter the evil or the spewing exaggerations …. but there may be a secret tender heart lurking here for certain kinds of rank bastards …. toughness is good.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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