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Dominance Games / Politics: Merry minstrels of true believers and false saints

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Dominance Games / Politics

Smart actors trust no one unless the tables of divinity say that that trust is a possible, probable thing.  Smart actors know that in any relationship where power rests not with themselves trust is a thing that gets damaged easily and gets betrayed mightily at four o’clock in the morning.  Smart actors know that kicking high and riding high for those with power is simply a way to hope that one might be covering the back sides of stupidity.

Smart and splendid seekers of power and pain and wisdom and truth know that faith, hope, and charity, ideology, religion and intimidation are things that co opt the lovelies, manufacture  trust,  give the unshepherded causes to pine for, badges to display.

Statism, cronyism, capitalism, state meddling and breaking, private power owning, demeaning, enslaving … these are all things that the smart know that the dim cherish …… they wish to be on the right side of the equation, they wish to be with the winners of fate’s control.

The trust of the dim is always in a grand bit of inverse proportion to the distrust of the devil at hand…. whom or what you love saves you from being a nullified little piece of useless cypher.

Trust who or what?  Trust the accumulation of the strangleholds of force out side of the chosen sides of hell.  Competition for the ability to nullify, quantify, shake, bake, break and kill helps keep all of the empty from having it done to them too damned overtly.

The merry minstrels of true believers and false saints.  Recipients of trust.

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