Dominance Games / Politics: Too tricky a question for the humble hearts of gut voters

Dominance Games / Politics

Who holds the whip hand when the powers of those who can set up the box and the bow that puts you ever at the disposal of those who can take your job, your money, your freedom of movement?  Who gives claws to those who wish to structure a system that makes life a constant struggle to survive?

Who counterbalances those forces who can ruin a fool by picking him out of a brown paper bag?  Who sands up against the crushing weight of power exercised by those who feel no pain if they use that power that they have?

Who stands up against those who wash out the safety net that prevents having the imposition of societal conditions upon those who have nowhere else to go but into the cattle shoot of no expectations and general waste fodder and the self regulating eternal slime of the eternal swamp…. mix well and let permanent stasis and or atrophy begin…with structures in place to ensure the lack of access to law and decree by any who would not have the skin in the game of those who are born to shape the system for their own thrills?  Who gets bought off and who gets played?

Who has the power to maim at will?  Those who go after the use of will and force have the tools to keep the noses of necessary victims out of the way.  They push always towards the inability of power to be understood and countered…… civil power…private power …all bought by those who won’t give it up now that they have taken it and or had it handed to them.

Politics is power …who has it…who does not…… This is too tricky a question for the humble hearts of gut voters.

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