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Dominance Games / Politics: Many cry the tears of the victim

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Dominance Games / Politics

Some find humor in attacking those of or with power.  Others find humor in attacking those of or in positions of weakness.  Those of power feel offended as they know that they are above reproach.  Those of weakness are offended as they know that it is not easy to get a rhetorical even playing field.

Saps find those from positions of power fair targets as they are de facto enemies of all mankind.  Clowns find those without adequate defense fair targets because their weakness makes them irresponsible.

Those from positions of power cannot have their positions flaunted or challenged…… their position as a dominant is at stake.  Those who are of need are gods children and are too much prone to misfortune.

Humor is good attack.  The humorless bemoan the fight.  The mean spirited bemoan having to have a fair fight.

Many cry the tears of the victim.

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