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Dominance Games / Politics: A simple trick to keep the devil happy

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Dominance Games / Politics

They come from every which way from every which where, from every holy hell of all holy hells.  They all know all.  They all see all.  They are all imbued with the right to be sure and to surely punish those who are not.  Ever was.  Ever will be.  Never goona get away from it.  Never gonna believe that the individual conscience is a sacred thing, a good thing, a wondrous thing, a thing, itself, of the heavens.

Those who have their callings, their answers, their purposes are all good and true…all worthy and saintly…all of lords and masters, beliefs and belief systems of the non vengeful type.  Charity and acceptance is never for the non believer…those who see a different light with respect and humility, and humbleness and dignity.  Have us more intriguing wars of ideology, religion, purity, vengefulness; of good reason to hate in the just cause.

Old songs are staunch songs….good songs…worthy songs…there for every generation to learn and to wrap themselves in.   National anthems and heart stopping numbers…rousing, pulsating ditties…..the old good killing songs.

Always and always,,,,,,the quills in the case are there to be used; weapons, as organizing principle, as automatic and simple, true and acceptable, aphrodisiac inspiring ways to stay and be pure, to be strong, entitled, just and mean.   The ways we make up for no weaknesses.

The ability to think and question is a simple trick to keep the devil happy …. he appreciates the pain it gives to the worthy.

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