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Dominance Games / Politics: Day dreams. Night dreams. Wet dreams. Get out the vote.

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Dominance Games / Politics

The grusome, the reasonable, those of good will…. the merry wives of the wispy willows.

Dead people have more skills than those of good will and proud resource.

Dead people have have more thrills than those of good minds taking a position for public consumption.

Dead people are in over their heads less than agents of truth, daring, rigorous applications of screed and demented applications of sensory greed.

The thrills of the holy crusade and the flags of the holy warriors….could we be the comic book heroes of our dreams if it were not foe the comic book villains of our schemes?

The heart that calls itself majestic and that yearns to be celestial is the heart that stands out as a shining slumming gesture and one aching to show all others what true glory and sacrifice is….These are the dollops from heaven sent us as examples of virtue and heroism, staunchness and savior.

They stand at the breach holding off the hordes of their dreams and wants.  Day dreams.  Night dreams.  Wet dreams.

Get out the vote.

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