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Dominance Games / Politics: Political operative

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Dominance Games / Politics

A good little political operative, happy as a clam.  No structural flaws in the system to exploit.  A job to revel in and celebrate, to simmer in in a cauldron of virtue.

Be gamed, used, laughed at… never in a week of sad Sundays.

A good little political operative,  the merry little true cynical wonder …. a laughing lover of lack of ignorance where he finds it, see and hear no foolishness where it cannot be nourished, raise to the heights the joys of dimness and self delusion as they dance around in merry ways.

Are you a good little political operative who is wise to the ways of the mechanics of system and and the pressure points and disingenuous levers of power so that you can work wonders with the right amounts of willingness to debase.

Are you a good little political operative who is proud to mock those open to mocking, proud to mock those open to being  schoolyard dumb suchly trite?  No discourse to threaten your soul, no discourse to threaten your fun, no discourse to threaten the any levels of ability.

Are you a good little political operative who cares for the honor of honor, the profession of your stature, the nature of your nature?  Are you a good little political operative with character unimpeachable and type lovely and stripe hardened and severe a good little political operative immune to no corruption?

A knife fight goes to the mean crazy eyed bastard, goes to the junk yard dog.  A good little political operative knows protection goes to preparedness…. and the tools to maim.  Maim.

Good little folk all over love you dearly

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