Dominance Games / Politics: Live and let live

Dominance Games / Politics

Libertines do it.  Degenerate wastrels and unmitigated failures do it.  Happy bums and inebriate charmers do it.  All kinds of patriotic losers do it.  Those unworthy of respect do it.  Those who are devoid of shame do it without moral compass, without faith, without hope, without charity.

Panderers do it.  Those who wish to enjoy life do it.  Those who wish to stay away from drama and over heated conflict do it.  Those who wish their nose to not be out of joint do it well.

Those who wish not to rule the world do it.  Those who wish not to rule minds do it.  Those who have grown up do it frequently.

Those who do not see monsters around every bush do it.  Those who do not see suckers ready for plucking prancing merrily in the grass do it well.

Those who take in the morning sunlight do it easy.  Those who ride the full moon do it softly.

Those who view all the paid muscle and mass intimidators, mixers, breakers and dismissers do it and shake their damned heads to the beats of their saddened hearts.   Those who listen to the winds and the breezes and the hurricanes of wisdom churning in the air do it with a sigh.

The world moves on.  The songs stay trite.  Worldly.  Wise.  Calm of spirit.  Think softly.  Carry a big stick.

Live and let live.

Fools Gold.

Of note:

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