Dominance Games / Politics: Death songs and fixed dances

Dominance Games / Politics

Might makes right.  It always does.  It always will.  Might makes the world go round…gives little evil people their kicks and their fancies,,,gives little self indulgent sops their self important treasures…. gives lust fueled maniacs their days in the sun.

Might enforces law.  Might enforces order.  Might enforces the toxic holes in society left open and vulnerable to abuse.  Might enforces the happy order of the streets and the flaccid order of the conquerors of the world and the masters of the universe.

Might enforces avenues of movement, avenues of conversation, avenues of corruption, avenues of social engineering.  Might enforces directions from on high and the moral universe of the self assured.  Might is a prized thing, good to have, a pleasure to wield.

Might is a bullying thing, a slandering thing, a beating down thing.  Might is a club, a hammer, a baseball bat to the body.  Might is a mean little thing, the best servant of the uncaring.

Free speech is a precious thing.  Free speech is a dear, darling little thing.  Speak to your little heart’s content.  Say the things that make your heart sing and your feathers fly.  Say the good stuff, the bad stuff, the ground up stuff and the desolate stuff.  Be magical, maniacal, despotic, a hero for all time.   Speak to no one, speak to everyone, speak to those within earshot, to those who will not or cannot hear.  Speak for enlightenment or derision, for fame or flame.  Speak low.  Speak soft.  Speak to the gods.

Might enforces the power behind the speech.  Might enforces the directions, the saturation, the crowds, the foot soldiers, the bums and the enforcers behind the message.  Might enforces the message, the truth, the lies, the wants, the needs.  Might is the freest of all things free…. the owner of all things obtained by those more free than others.  Might buys it little words and deeds.  It is a ubiquitous, intrusive thing.  it is our gift to the gracious and the wonderful, those who have earned the right to have their messages heard.

Love the rough and tumble of death songs and the fixed dances.  A gentle ode to big fists and a wee bit of spit.  Just let them tell us what we want to hear.  The songs are never over and the melodies always linger on.

Speak to me only with thine rights to beat me into submission.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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