Dominance Games / Politics: The dead middle

Dominance Games / Politics

What the hell do we need a middle class for?  The middle class is the breeding ground for phony intellectuals with pretensions to knowledge, privilege, wealth and a say in their own affairs.

The middle class can have swollen numbers so much so that while it can deaden a culture intellectually it can also demand some homage from the grand lords of flip and splatter…the button pushers.

A middle class means people who can afford not to be cannon fodder; people who can afford to look for a job that pays subsistence wages; people who can afford to not get sold up and down the rivers of no chance by the purveyors of weak and diminished lingo.

The middle class thinks that it doesn’t have to beg, that it doesn’t have to jump through endless juvenile hoops just to satisfy the grand dragons of self importance who hold the cards, have the conch.

The middle class also would have much invested in the idea that there is real independence and sovereignty being practiced in this pristine world of ours and that the practitioners should take into account the idea of a country that believes in the viability of the slobs that support it….the dead middle.

Of note:

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