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Dominance Games / Politics: People who produce are leeches

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Dominance Games / Politics

Poor people have no money …they should then rot in hell.

Needy people have no souls …. they should then burn in hell.

Caring people have no heads ….. they should be dismembered themselves.

Uncaring people have no hearts…… this is true.

Knowledgeable people have no backbone …. they should better twist with the wind.

Unsure people have no divine spark ….. that is their deformity.

Truth tellers have no wiles …..they are doormats.

People who wish not to work 70 hours a week for nothing want to destroy the American dream.

People who wish to work 70 hours a week for something are to be shot.

People who produce are leeches.

People who see paths to sustenance are selfish bastards.

People who win are losers.

People who lose are losers.

All Gods chillin’ are losers.

People who like representative democracy are dreamers.

People who game representative democracy know from truth in advertising.

People who wish to talk of many things …. cannot.

The only bird worth listening to is the mocking bird.

People who wish good things for Christmas are blowing smoke in the winds of wishes.

People who wish the better sides of hate for their holiday meals eat well and with gusto.

Ain’t no opportunity in peace.

Mistletoe and holly.

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