Dominance Games / Politics: Power does its trippy little dance

Dominance Games / Politics

Who wishes to dole out hard won, luckily won, irredeemably won, suffocatingly won, nauseating, demonizing, intimidating, neanderthal inducing dollops of sage ever loving power and the fruits there of to those on the come, coming through the rye, those on the make, those not burning on the stake, those too damned stupid to love the joys of fire and brimstone, absolute power for its own damned sake fools who may be in any damned position to see it, get at it, breathe it, depress it?

What secret Santa to the useful and the submissive, the skilled for sale and the mouths for hire would wish to let poseurs, nonbelievers, heart throbbing bleeders, reckless devil may care worms or mild mannered simple folk yearning to breathe free have access to the force, the treasure, the intimidat6ion, the air, water and mineral rights of life when they are happily already in the pocket and worshiped for the rewards of narcissism, orgasm, self sustained eternal tribute and lethal weapons of choice?

What addled plutocrats or gangster, self indulgent amoral sociopath immersed in riches… what beady eyed little keeper of the flaming swords of crusading Huns wants to restructure the game, the playing field, the players, the bums, the screamers, the welshers, the stealers, the thieves, the spinners and the cover givers when the game as is is magnificent and all bluffs can be pulled and pots can be emptied?

Who could wish the rectal examinations, cathartic splurges, the awarenesses of the levers and the pulleys, the trap doors and the trick floors when the garden paths to seizure and control rest with those who can navigate that happy spring time?

With control of treasure, of the real and present access of the mass duncelings to movement, physical and financial,…wage slave…house poor and bound, job scared and worshiping……with control over future prospects, future air to breathe, the leisure, time, motivation to understand, maim and challenge…… with control over the sameness, lameness of speech; embarrassment and and absurdity of argument….with control over the nature of fools picked and rushed to give gridlock in swarm infested, lock step invested, ideologically protected positions of governance all insuring the eminently useful, happily cynical, overtly joyous lack of respect or lack of belief in any public force able to countermand comfort and joy for lords and masters…..with control over such merry things and Xmas gifts why would the strong, silent cold and wily; the deadly hidden assassinating lovelies allow point, structures, men, women, thoughts, embalmed dead myths any access to gain a foothold, raise a challenge?

What is is and it ain’t is by accident.

Power does its trippy little dance.  It dips and creeps.  It move to the music.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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