Dominance Games / Politics: Snakes’ base orthodoxy

Dominance Games / Politics

It seems to me that in the grand scheme of things and the grand cultural marches through time, the great contributions to human growth and progress, self actualization, self awareness, intellectual pursuits and defense against small minded idiots, bigots, intellectual poseurs, slobs who can intimidate but not reason, kill but know no heart or wisdom, seek power and the use of and limitations of others ….. it seems to me  the grand traditions of  Renaissance, Enlightenment, development of critical thought, the standings for honest inquiry …. the meekly dawning weapons against ideology, orthodoxy, dictated ways of thought, book burning, haters….it seems to me that this has probably been a good thing.

This cherished prize ours is, of course,  generally attacked, hated, pushed towards ruin, demonized, dirtied, wished to go away.  This cherished prize ours, its grand proponents, are routinely wished ruin, disembowelment, the flames of hell, the wish to be the food of fish.  This cherished prize ours is sagely identified as godless demonization, elitist relativism, soft, mooching, preying Shylocking and degraded muck from the pits of hell.

To cherish that which has made a culture great, that which has given lifeblood to praised and rejected cultural and political antecedents, to champion the cause for its greatness is to court demise.  Simple thought, simple answers.  Idiots delight and snakes’ base orthodoxy.  Churlish propagandists and rank little cynics who buy and sell, whip and muster, break and draw and quarter…they steal the future, ring dry freedom of movement, of thought, leave no place physical or mental worthy to go ….no avenues untouched by simplicity, orthodoxy, numbness, dictates of divine grand pooh bas and devils…no avenues independent or non treasonous…. the grand logical conclusion of intellectual progress is that the number of anti intellectual idiots will eventually overrun and save the day.

A tradition that make pride is a dangerous thing.   Ugly is better.

Of note:

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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