Dominance Games / Politics: Tis once again the season of thanks III

Dominance Games / Politics

Thanksgiving quartered.

Lying political adds.  Joy in lying political adds.  Joy in defending the joy of lying political adds.

Cut and paste.  Photoshop and computerize.  Alternate realities for every habit, derangement, festering blister; every leap of faith towards beds of thorns.

Truth is truth.  Humble is humble. The American people are smart enough to be discerning and aware enough not to be fooled….. so say the backers of lying, deceit, treachery, debasement.  They believe in that which they say.

All is fair.  Politics ain’t bean bags.  Brass knuckles and hard rights to the jaw.  Sucker punches and ribbons of blood.  Power plays are for power.

The discerning American public knows this to be so and knows this to be right.  They know what they see.  They see what they know.  They smell truth and plays and cons and stories.  They cannot be played or fooled or made to be idiots and knaves.  People spin them and propagandize them at their own risk.  They, the folk, know better.  Those who spend the coin to tell them tales that are not true or to sell them hate that are nor real are just wasting the gilded monies given them by the generous icons who wish just to keep the economy moving.

Buy their damned product….. the stories, the ruses, the lame brained messages….be thankful that someone is spending freely.

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