Dominance Games / Politics: Tis once again the season of thanks

Dominance Games / Politics


Celebrate the season with the best of the commodities upon the market, the landscape.  Love, peace and joy.  Treacly Christmas cards from spouting hypocrites.  The loud givings of thanks for empty bounty from pressing souls seeking redemption.

Public ether promotes diversion, division, want, anger, celebration, warring camps.  posh factions, fetching confusion, hapless disarray, homey hopelessness, lovable provocateurs waiting to step up and in with tough.

Government useless and worthless and all pretty little power goes on its merry way to happy little lands of happy little misty magicians and warrior kings.

Government useless and worthless and all that pretty little power goes on its merry way to the heavens  of the strong, the moral suckers and closers fighting  indifference and leveraging all of the dark forces of control over movement, thought, survival, wealth, access to wealth, access to food, access to mobility, clothing, shelter, time. life, waking up in the morning.  Life is good among the mighty.

Pretty little power goes its merry little way and fiery little swords slash away at the dirty fowl little underbrush that are the ones giving thanks.  Ain’t nowhere else to go but the dirtier stages of hell.

Disdain, diminishment, disenfranchisement, annulment;  no little rights to  external identity; happy little voiding of internal  identity;  souls given over to the trips on the river Styx, to the voyages of no place else to go.

Survival of body, absence of mind. In the end the no there there is us.  The no there there is home.  At which point do the floors upon which we stand give way and the bases upon which we survive and identify disappear.

The chaos and the storms, the emptiness and the nothings left to lose, to be, the charmers left to bow down to….. tis once again the season of thanks.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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