Dominance Games: Gigolo and princess

Dominance Games / Politics

Just a gigolo and the pimp…. the princess and the madame….and all the lame damned fools who fall for them, cede to them, bow at the feet of them so damned often, so damned wisely and so damned well.

Elections are for suckers.  Listening is for the self loathing.

Sometimes you see a dance step you’ve seen a thousand times before and its just a damned dance step.  Sometimes you a dance step you’ve seen a thousand times before and its  a damned whirlwind of warped motion and preening vapors.  Sometime things go bump in the night and sometimes things get so that one more dollop of the same old same old can cause one to tremble with the bends and have seizures of anguish at the thought.

How useless is useless.  The first best scourge of the emissaries from hell is prefabricated noxious sounds that makes spectators dirty and creepy when forced to be in any close proximity…… the automatons of political sneering scare away all known intelligent life.

Nimble minds please nimble feet and nimble feet retrieve phantom futures.  Our America means hard knocks and tough brawling; means no crying, no self pity, no banality; a tough country but a hard one.  Freedom means earn it day after day.  Freedom to be of stern stuff and bold charity… not for show, not for value.

The deft secure hard put interests of survival through the eye of a needle.   The passionately frugal must be preserved.  We fight for real things.  We do.

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