Dominance Games: Call the bastard a socialist

Call the bastard a socialist.  The bastard calls back a fascist.

Call the bastard tax and spend…the bastard calls back starve and break.

Call the bastard out of touch with the American people…the bastard calls back out of touch with the American people.

Call the bastard obstructionist and self serving…the bastard calls back self serving and obstructionist.

Call the bastard a thief and a confiscator….the bastard calls back a panderer and an blank kisser.

Call the bastard anti business…the bastard calls back anti labor.

Call the bastard anti growth…the bastard calls back anti subsistence.

Call the bastard morally deficient…the bastard calls back morally hypocritical.

Call the bastard doctrinaire…..the bastard calls back stands for nothing,

Call the bastard dumb…the bastard calls back head up your blank.

Call the bastard devoid of logic…the bastard calls back devoid of sense.

Call the bastard a bastard…the bastard calls back a punk.

Call the bastard a punk…the punk calls back a bastard.

Call anyone worth listening to and everyone falls down laughing.

They all like stupid.

politics, news, commentary, analysis  Dominance Games / Politics   The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.



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