Dominance Games: Private truths. Private realities

Private prisons.  Private vouchers for private medicare given over to responsible private insurers.  Private militias roaming streets enforcing private laws and random definitions of order.   Self regulating private financial institutions privately looking out for nothing but their own private welfare.  Private armies fighting private wars answerable to private profit and private force.  Private rules and private laws taken over and enacted by private powers who have not to listen to checks or balances upon their private powers other than the threats of other private warriors warring better.

Private truths and private realities made privately secure by dint of private means of privately accessing the private levers of holy power.  Private distribution of private information, thrilling propaganda, base demeaning of those not strong enough to challenge and be crushed.

Private ownerships of private governments made safe for the private use of those who back the privileged and void the standing of eternal diminutive loser cyphers.

Private education for private thought spewed out by private teachers who are privately held accountable to the private standards of those wallowing with private leers and private agendas.

Private profits made by private profiteers who need workers only well off enough to stand up  and produce.

Private ownership of private privacy.

Private is what private does.

Richard A Opel  New York Times     Private Prisons….

Brady Dennis  Washington Post…..  foreclosure properties

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