Dominance Games: Hate works

What checks do unfettered capitalists see as valid checks upon unfettered capitalists?  What state intrusions upon functioning businesses are seen as too much state intrusions upon functioning businesses by the standard bearers of state protection?  Protect the individual from the all encompassing state, protect the individual from the strangling tentacles of self serving business?  Of the partisans, hear no evil…see no evil….the magic mirrors of the faithful reflect only beauty.  All trust is true trust.

People wonder.  Support those who work against their own interests?  Threats to Labor’s  protection see it melting away with the toxic wastes of the viral abusers.  The dictation of policy and rules and turning employers and managers into employees comes hard charging and virulent.   Freedom to prosper as one wishes brings the need for paid help and competition sets the rate for needed good help.   Do good… need and must pay for good….unless it don’t.  Work hard and contribute skills and energies  upon which talents and work ethic rest and be not valued but seen as a replicable, replaceable  commodity…an undesirable temporarily necessary business evil, expense.   Rules from the top down.  Rules from the bottom up.

Oligarchies stand in place as they do.  They can enforce their positions, as they can.  They can convince the mass to let current order work its way through to happy glitzy outcomes for all.  Set the message.  Sell the message.  Indulge the fear.  Demonize alternatives.  Oligarchies of wealth and power are fun.  Oligarchies of power and influence, of dictation and thought, they are fun.  The dictation of standards, the dictation of living standards, hates and demons are strong.   Alternative views are for limp wristed thinkers.   are worse.  Hates are strong, give muscle, breeding, force, power.  They give the most pleasure, the fun of all.  Virulent hate of virulent enemies keeps our games going and our turkeys screeching.  Hate is the mustard on the hot dog of hate..    Editorial: Obama’s Job-Killing Jobs Council

By the CNN Wire Staff    Wisconsin battle shifts to recall votes

politics, news, commentary, analysis…The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.



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