Dominance Games: Debase debase debase. With sincerity

Yes.  Yes.  And yes again.  Political season is here.  Talk is the talk.  Money money money is the talk talk talk.  As always, forever and a day…. as in dreams exciting or dull, slick or empty, hot or embarrassing….. time for seasons of uplift and truth.  Money money money.  Talk talk talk.  Debase debase debase.  With sincerity.

Forever and a day…  Today.  Tomorrow.  Forever and a day….. political speech is lying speech.   Political advertising is lying advertising.  Suckers ripe , the targets ripe are always ripe.   The suckers ripe, the targets ripe are always ripe… always ripe, always eternal all day suckers.

The tipping point is coming.  The tipping point is coming.  That dazzling moment  when an aware electorate sees that only fools handle the rot gut stuff of the cheap thrills and heightened addictions of the message makers and tramps.  The average clown takes these things as virile no more.

Money money money.  Talk. Talk.  Talk.  Spent on wicked acts, brazen words, mean flights of fancy.   Talk talk talk.  Money money money….. welfare then for cash strapped media…  welfare then for detoxing polemicists in love with self immolation.

Rock a bye baby on the tree top

Let it wallow in the breeze

Send it no silence

Send it no peace

Let it linger and die

As in song and story….. all good things come to an end…..

Listen to the truth….. It is everywhere.

Peter Oznos    In TV News, payola is on the rise   The Atlantic

John Bershad     Rush Limbaugh….All Liberals are thieves  Medisite

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