Dominance Games: Foreign bastards from far away places like Wisconsin, Oklahoma, San Francisco, Arizona, Chicago, Florida , Alabama

We could always go to war with each other.  Texas could use the steel toes and hard heels of cowboy boots to kick the living daylights out of effete north easterners.    New York could buy out the supplies that keep the south alive.  California could infiltrate morality squads and bring down god fearing folk.. Massachusetts could sneer us all into oblivion.

There could be more.  Tennesseans and Kentuckians could kill possums and infiltrate the meat supply.  Kansans could pray too loudly and bring down God’s wrath.   The rust belt workers could starve to death and send their bodies to others to bury….It could get better.

Why trust foreign bastards from far away places like Wisconsin, Oklahoma, San Francisco, Arizona, Chicago, Florida , Alabama? Why not tariff goods from state to state?  Why not sneer at states that don’t run the system to protect their rights to be pure and secure?  Why not just give the whole damned thing up, pack in the tents, find friends in far away places like Uzbekistan, France, Sweden, the DAR?

Poor moribund one worlders, internationalists who see a union of states.  taking sovereignty from the endowed creatures of defines ruggedness, the core of irreducible oneness?  Damned the socialists and the soft thinkers.

Why bother with a national agenda when we can’t stand being in the same room with each other?  Why bother with national purpose when national purpose means only that they  screw you matter what?

Rank central government heels when there is healing it can do.  Rank central government intrudes when there is overriding, overreaching intruding to do.  power mad cynical entities big and small are of perversion and folly.  Too much the pull…fear and hate it.  Too little the help…need and want it.   Too dumb the gamers, run it to hell.  The United States is.  The United States are.   Smart…watch how ever it plays …

…Love the law of unintended consequence.

Molly Ball   Politico

Star Parker  The Washington Examiner

Dominance Games / Politics…..


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